Jamie Lee Pop artist

I'm a British artist, living and working in beautiful southern Paraguay, South America.

I came to paint a mural, and didn't stop until I'd painted more than 500. The style I honed with the murals, combined with years of creating vector illustrations which I sell through Getty Images, morphed into my canvas work, and now it's my goal to paint perfectly sharp lines, without hint or trace of brushstroke, almost vector-like in quality, onto stretched canvas.


I love pop art, and comic book style artwork. Particularly the works of Roy Lichtenstein and the celebrity fascination of Andy Warhol.


I draw each design by hand - no software cheats. This gives a much smoother and more unique look to each piece. Then I hold my breath as I paint the lines.

Bright. Fun. Warm. That's what I want.


If you're ever in southern Paraguay, come visit us at The Gallery tea shop, see the artwoks and enjoy a good brew and a waffle with us!




Jamie Lee Art at work
pop art closeup www.jamieleeart.com
pop art canvas closeup by www.jamieleeart.com

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