About me...

I'm a British artist, living and working in Paraguay, South America.


After studying art and graphic design at college and university in England, I was given the opportunity to come to Paraguay to brighten up a children's home with some murals...just for two months. Little did I know that Paraguay has a magnetic charm and I'd still be here 13 years and 800 murals later.




With my canvases, unlike many artists who look for new ways to add texture, I look for new ways to remove it. I want the cleanest lines and the minimal brush mark possible (I put this obsession down to years of creating murals and vector illustrations). I use acrylic paints, various techniques and a steady hand to achieve this.




I've always loved pop art, particularly the comic book style of Roy Lichtenstein with its striking colors, fun, accessible, familiar imagery and - more importantly to me, with so much dark art out there - it's ability to bring warmth, life and a sense of fun to any space.

It's these attributes I try to bring to all my pieces.



Jamie Lee Art at work
pop art closeup www.jamieleeart.com
pop art canvas closeup by www.jamieleeart.com
Jamie Lee Pop artist

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