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About me...

I'm a British artist, living and working in Paraguay, South America.

After studying art and graphic design at college and university in England, I was given the opportunity to come to Paraguay for a couple of months to brighten up a children's home with some murals. At this point I knew nothing of Paraguays  magnetic charm and that I'd still be here 14 years and 800 murals later.


With my canvases I look to create images with as little evidence of my hand and my brush strokes as possible (I put this obsession down to years of creating murals and vector illustrations). I use acrylic paints,  various techniques and a steady hand to achieve this.


 I've always loved comic book art since graduating from The Beano, to StarWars comics to 2000AD. Its striking colors, fun, accessible, familiar imagery, making each line and mark count and saying as much as you can in a single image. But also, and maybe even more importantly to me, with so much dark art out there - it's ability to bring warmth, life and a sense of fun to any space.

It's these attributes I try to bring to all my pieces.   

Jamie Lee Art at work
pop art closeup www.jamieleeart.com
pop art canvas closeup by www.jamieleeart.com

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