About me...

I'm a British artist, living and working in beautiful southern Paraguay, South America.

I came to paint a mural, and didn't stop until I'd painted more than 500. The style I honed with the murals, combined with years of creating vector illustrations which I sell through Getty Images, morphed into my canvas work, and now it's my goal to paint perfectly sharp lines, without hint or trace of brushstroke, almost vector-like in quality, onto stretched canvas.


I love pop art, obviously. Particularly the comic book style of Lichtenstein and the celebrity fascination of Warhol.


I draw each design by hand - no software cheats. This gives a much smoother and more unique look to each piece. Then I hold my breath as I paint the lines.

Bright. Fun. Warm. That's what we want.


We have an art gallery here in Carmen Del Parana, but it's rarely open as we're so busy, so if you happen to be in the area, come and take a look through the window! :)




Jamie Lee Art at work
pop art closeup www.jamieleeart.com
pop art canvas closeup by www.jamieleeart.com
Jamie Lee Pop artist

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